Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mist Guided Ramblings of a Dreamer

Welcome to my latest endeavor. I've tried journals, altered books, scribbles on receipts and scratches in rocks, voice memos on my phone, my ipod, jott, you name it. I can't seem to keep all of my musings in one place so I start many and test the waters.

I don't even want to label this yet. I really just wanted to post a comment to someone else and got sucked into creating this dribble. oh hell, I'm just pressing 'preview' and we'll see where it takes me.


paul v said...

i appreciate your kind words. tell me, how did you find my writings? i promise to keep an eye out on yours. take care.

Dayna Collins said...

Your words make me smile and I love the images of your Etsy items. Keep going with your posts - they're inspiring.

Avalondream said...

Hi Paul & Dayna!

Yes, 2 years later and I'm BACK! Time to try again.
Paul, I don't recall how I found your posts but I recall how moved I was by the depth of emotion you put into your writing.

Dayna, I hope you'll check back in often. I think I have a better idea of blogs after wandering through the blogosphere and Facebook for a while now.

I still have no idea what I'm doing but now that 3 of my 5 are off to college and I'm starting a new career I hope I'll have more time to post each morning. I may end up posting at 3 am more often than not and might have to change the name to 'Mist Guided Ramblings of an Insomniac who's meds no longer work!'. OK, that's probably too much information, huh?