Monday, September 20, 2010

Tarot Card For Jenn

Well I took the weekend off but I'm back in full force. Ok, that's totally a lie. I'm haggard, unshowered, mascara from yesterday smeared under my eyes and my roots are now a confirmed two inches of seriously dark brown. I look like a raccoon. That's no lie.

I promised a reading for someone each day so today Jenn is the lucky, well will see about that, winner. I'm going to use the Revalations Tarot again because I don't feel like getting out my trunk of decks. So here we go...

Two of Swords, upright. You seem to be balancing some serious choices or ideas. It's difficult but you're doing it with focused determination. Continue to have faith that you have the mental focus to see your way to the end of this little tightrope walk and everything will be just fine. You seem to be handling some high-stress situations very well and you are able to balance your home, family and work or studies with ease right now. Well, it looks that way from here anyway. What looks easy from the outside is actually the result of your own inner strength and determinations as well as your ability to multi-task with ease.

Comment below if I'm way off or on target with this or if you're not Jenn then let me know if you are picking up anything else from this mini-reading.



Friday, September 17, 2010

Card of the day for Terry

Terry I'm sorry I couldn't post this earlier but I really am swamped with cleaning for guests I have coming this weekend. My daughter was supposed to be here to help me in exchange for use of my car but as it goes with college kids she ditched me for her friends. Ah well, c'est la vie!

I'm afraid I don't have a cheery, feel good card for you today. I drew the 7 of Swords Reversed which leads me to think that someone might try to trick you somehow or take credit for one of your ideas today. I wanted to find out who to warn you about so I pulled another card and got the King of Pentacles Reversed, leading me to think that this is a man of material wealth and has some power over others. He is rather bored and really doesn't think much of others unless they can better his position. Even doing so won't make him happy though, as he generally lacks imagination. If not today, then in the next month or so as this card represents Autumn as well as the sign of Taurus which could help you to figure out who this back-stabbing son of a bitch is.

I decided to see if I could pull a happier card for you for this weekend and I pulled The Fool. I've always loved the Fool. I can't help singing The Beatles song 'Fool on The Hill' whenever he shows up. He walks the edge of the cliff either because he's too stupid to see the danger he's in or because he's so wise that he's beyond all worldly lessons and knows that it's all good no matter what. I'm thinking that whatever the situation above is referring to, you will either ignore it or be transformed by it.

Hope this has some meaning for you. Let me know in the comments if you feel comfortable sharing otherwise send me a private FB mail.

Have a Great Weekend!


Thursday, September 16, 2010

10:26 and it feels like I've been working 8 hours already...

So where's the card I promised to pull? Still in my bag. I've just been running around like a maniac doing small chores like dead-heading my plants that are more dead than alive, washing my duvets & sheets 2ND DAY IN A ROW thanks to that puking piece of sh*t dog of mine, and loading the power-washer I borrowed onto my dad's truck so I can return it to my girlfriend. Why is it that I only know women who power-wash their houses and no men? Get ready for a man bash, I feel it's coming on...ok, 1...2...3...breathe, no I WILL REFRAIN...this time anyway.

Now down to business, pulling my Tarot card for today. Let me just dig it out of my bag of goodies behind me. Of course I had to dig, dig, dig through several bags & purses all hanging on the back of my chair that only stays up because I'm sitting on it!

So, I should probably tell you that I'm pulling from my Revelations Tarot. It's my favorite deck though it isn't my favorite artwork. The images are somwhat like luminous stained glass and each card is drawn with distorted mirror-like images so that you have a completely different figure in both uprights and reversals. Oh hell, now I have to post some images because my descriptions will never do them justice.

Now how the hell do I do that? Hmmmmm.....well, sh*t, I have no clue so I'll just hit post and see if I can add them separately though I suspect they'll show up above this which will really piss me off.


OMG! It was THAT SIMPLE!!! Drag & drop. Who knew?

So there you have a beautiful view of some images I grabbed from where you can see thousands of decks and reviews. Holy Crap, Marie! I added a link now too! I kill me sometimes when I get something so quickly. Then again I'm getting forgetful so I might need to revisit this again tomorrow.

So finaly for my card today...EEEEEWWWW, not likin' this one. Oh well, I promised honesty so here goes. I pulled the 8 of Swords reversed. It's so frickin' typical of my life these days though I have to temper my judgement of just how much information to reveal at this point because believe it or not my life's not just about me.

Card Description: This deck shows a beautiful woman with long flowing hair, blindfolded and bound with a red rope about her wrists, forearms and body and four swords crossed behind her. In the reversed image of this card, one of the swords is completely obscured and seems to be running down and piercing the length of her spine. The end of the red cord is actually cut and flying loose so that's a plus at least.

Interpretation: I'm still bound by my intellectual and logical (represented by Swords) take on the back stabbing issue that I've recently been the subject of but I can free myself if I just work at it a little harder. My hands are up in front of my blindfolded face and I'm not fighting as hard as I should be. My pose in this card is one of prayer for help but I have the means for my freedom at my disposal though I can't see them yet because my vision is still obscured.

Well that card actually is dead on for me but that's all I can say. I'd rather read for you guys so let me know what you'd like to know and I'll see what I can do tomorrow.

Have a blissful day!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


My daughter suggested I use Tumblr instead. I've no idea what it is but she says it's better and more importantly to the college kids, cooler. Any thoughts?

Tarot Readings by phone, Skype or in person now

I've decided to try something a bit new for me. Well, only new as far as the medium goes. OK, I totally LOVE my own pun there :-)

I've been reading Tarot for my friends and family for about 20 years and while I'm never quite sure if I've done a good enough job, I've always been told my readings are dead on. I'm hoping that this will be a fun, informative and helpful blog for people interested in this less serious, more creative side of life.

I'll start by pulling a card a day for myself in the morning, giving myself a mini-intuitive reading and a follow-up the next day to let you know how close the reading was. This will serve a few purposes. First, I'd like to build my readership by offering to pull a card for one of my lucky readers who comments the day before. Second, It will keep me accountable to post each day.

For those of you who know me well you know how random and spontaneous I can be. Translation: unpredictable, unorganized, and haphazard!

I'll pull and post my first card for myself tomorrow morning. I plan on drawing a name from the previous weeks commenters every Tuesday. Let's call it Tarot Tuesday shall we? The winner will receive a full Celtic Cross Spread with me that week live, via Skype or phone if preferred.

Spread the word to your friends because I also plan holding a contest once a month for a Skype party reading. Gather 5 friends and give your group a name. At each full moon (or convenient date) I will give each member of the group a free 20 minute reading via Skype.

Let me know what you think of this idea for a blog. Is it something people are interested in? Have any ideas? What would your ideal eclectic blog contain? I want to build a little tribe here and not just talk to myself so please chime in even if it's just to say 'Hello'.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mist Guided Ramblings of a Dreamer

Welcome to my latest endeavor. I've tried journals, altered books, scribbles on receipts and scratches in rocks, voice memos on my phone, my ipod, jott, you name it. I can't seem to keep all of my musings in one place so I start many and test the waters.

I don't even want to label this yet. I really just wanted to post a comment to someone else and got sucked into creating this dribble. oh hell, I'm just pressing 'preview' and we'll see where it takes me.