Thursday, September 16, 2010

10:26 and it feels like I've been working 8 hours already...

So where's the card I promised to pull? Still in my bag. I've just been running around like a maniac doing small chores like dead-heading my plants that are more dead than alive, washing my duvets & sheets 2ND DAY IN A ROW thanks to that puking piece of sh*t dog of mine, and loading the power-washer I borrowed onto my dad's truck so I can return it to my girlfriend. Why is it that I only know women who power-wash their houses and no men? Get ready for a man bash, I feel it's coming on...ok, 1...2...3...breathe, no I WILL REFRAIN...this time anyway.

Now down to business, pulling my Tarot card for today. Let me just dig it out of my bag of goodies behind me. Of course I had to dig, dig, dig through several bags & purses all hanging on the back of my chair that only stays up because I'm sitting on it!

So, I should probably tell you that I'm pulling from my Revelations Tarot. It's my favorite deck though it isn't my favorite artwork. The images are somwhat like luminous stained glass and each card is drawn with distorted mirror-like images so that you have a completely different figure in both uprights and reversals. Oh hell, now I have to post some images because my descriptions will never do them justice.

Now how the hell do I do that? Hmmmmm.....well, sh*t, I have no clue so I'll just hit post and see if I can add them separately though I suspect they'll show up above this which will really piss me off.


OMG! It was THAT SIMPLE!!! Drag & drop. Who knew?

So there you have a beautiful view of some images I grabbed from where you can see thousands of decks and reviews. Holy Crap, Marie! I added a link now too! I kill me sometimes when I get something so quickly. Then again I'm getting forgetful so I might need to revisit this again tomorrow.

So finaly for my card today...EEEEEWWWW, not likin' this one. Oh well, I promised honesty so here goes. I pulled the 8 of Swords reversed. It's so frickin' typical of my life these days though I have to temper my judgement of just how much information to reveal at this point because believe it or not my life's not just about me.

Card Description: This deck shows a beautiful woman with long flowing hair, blindfolded and bound with a red rope about her wrists, forearms and body and four swords crossed behind her. In the reversed image of this card, one of the swords is completely obscured and seems to be running down and piercing the length of her spine. The end of the red cord is actually cut and flying loose so that's a plus at least.

Interpretation: I'm still bound by my intellectual and logical (represented by Swords) take on the back stabbing issue that I've recently been the subject of but I can free myself if I just work at it a little harder. My hands are up in front of my blindfolded face and I'm not fighting as hard as I should be. My pose in this card is one of prayer for help but I have the means for my freedom at my disposal though I can't see them yet because my vision is still obscured.

Well that card actually is dead on for me but that's all I can say. I'd rather read for you guys so let me know what you'd like to know and I'll see what I can do tomorrow.

Have a blissful day!

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