Monday, September 20, 2010

Tarot Card For Jenn

Well I took the weekend off but I'm back in full force. Ok, that's totally a lie. I'm haggard, unshowered, mascara from yesterday smeared under my eyes and my roots are now a confirmed two inches of seriously dark brown. I look like a raccoon. That's no lie.

I promised a reading for someone each day so today Jenn is the lucky, well will see about that, winner. I'm going to use the Revalations Tarot again because I don't feel like getting out my trunk of decks. So here we go...

Two of Swords, upright. You seem to be balancing some serious choices or ideas. It's difficult but you're doing it with focused determination. Continue to have faith that you have the mental focus to see your way to the end of this little tightrope walk and everything will be just fine. You seem to be handling some high-stress situations very well and you are able to balance your home, family and work or studies with ease right now. Well, it looks that way from here anyway. What looks easy from the outside is actually the result of your own inner strength and determinations as well as your ability to multi-task with ease.

Comment below if I'm way off or on target with this or if you're not Jenn then let me know if you are picking up anything else from this mini-reading.



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Anonymous said...

Did I tell you that I'm on RE Council which is gearing up; took over as treasurer for Jamie's preschool which will involve a meeting with the IRS due to the previous person's slacking; am homeroom mom for Baker; have a million unfinished projects around the house; and on and on. Yup, balance is a major theme in my life. Also struggled with the decision not to let Baker do Boy Scouts and decided to take four kittens (just last night) to foster. Thanks for the card. next time I'm down your way, I'll have to get a full reading.